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The Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation for
Homeless Veterans and Children, Inc.

KNMF Thanks Veterans Support Foundation
Helping the Nation's Largest Homeless Veteran Population 
in Los Angeles County Since 1992  

This commendation is sent with sincere gratitude and appreciation for your support and donations to KNMF since 1992. Please extend our sincere appreciation to your Board and benefactors for their kindness and generosity to provide funding to KNMF. Your support has helped KNMF provide services and materials to thousands of homeless and needy veterans, including veterans in continuum of care transitional housing programs, located in the Greater Los Angeles Area since 1992. You have continued to be a major part in our mission to serve and to respond to the needs of homeless and needy veterans in Los Angeles. The Kenny Nickelson Memorial Foundation for Homeless Veterans, Inc. has been able to successfully address the needs of Los Angeles County and San Luis Obispo County homeless and formerly homeless veterans, and needy children in Before and After School Literacy Programs, low income schools, day cares, hospitals, and communities.  
Thank you for your support provided through the grant period 2011-2012. During this grant period, KNMF served 1,744 veterans by providing pro bono legal assistance, meals, clothing, and hygiene supplies to veterans in continuum of care transitional housing programs and at Veterans Resource Fairs aimed at recruiting veterans into continuum of care programs, by providing all services, meals, clothing, bus tokens, haircuts, hygiene supplies, etc. through the Veterans Resource Fair "Stand Downs and Job, College, Trade School, and Homeless Service Provider Fairs," and by serving veterans seeking assistance by telephone or through non-profit or government referrals in a variety of programs and services offered by KNMF. During the next quarter KNMF will serve an additional 1,550 veterans in continuum of care programs. Since 1991 through October 1, 2012, 107,489 homeless, formerly homeless, and needy persons have received assistance from KNMF because of your support (does not include those veterans assisted by KNMF throughout the year seeking assistance in a variety of programs and services). From 1991 through 2011, quarterly KNMF Veterans Resource Fairs "Stand Downs and Job, College, University, Trade School, and Homeless Service Provider Fairs" have contributed tremendously to help reduce homelessness of veterans in Los Angeles County from 54% in 1991 to less than 7% by the end of 2011.

KNMF believes that partnering is the key to our success. KNMF thanks VSF and members of VVAF for believing that people make the changes necessary to solve veterans problems and improve their positioning in our communities.  VETERANS SUPPORT FOUNDATION was selected as KNMFs Outstanding Veteran Donor of the Decade. Thanks to your support, KNMF has been a lifeline for LAs needy and will continue to serve the needy for years to come. May God bless and always walk beside you and the members of the Veteran Support Foundation! 


Veterans Support Foundation