Take a Vet Fishing



Take-A-Vet-Fishing's mission is simply to provide friendship and fellowship to disabled and recovering veterans by getting the vets and their staff out of the clinical environment for a relaxing day of fishing. It is truly the best medicine.


We've discovered that there are more ways to fill a man or woman's heart with joy and peace than we ever imagined. We are surprised at every turn that what we set out to do has resonated with so many folks in so many communities, and has tapped a wellspring of compassion for our veterans struggling with challenges like blindness, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, alcohol & substance abuse, homelessness and physical limitations. Participants in our events, including the volunteers, have told and written us about what they've experienced using words like healing, peace, comfort, relaxation, excitement, challenge, pride, solitude, camaraderie, confidence building, belonging, freedom, family and discovery.

Who knew that "going fishing" would present so many opportunities! It is remarkably effective medicine...

Here is a bit of an email we received from one of the vets that had joined us a few times from the Eastern Blind Rehabilitation Center at the West Haven VA.

"...Now that the fishing season is over you guys can catch up on the things that you didn't have time to do while working with the Vets. Never let it be said that all you guys aren't the greatest. I know I have super memories and I smile every time I think about you all. It seems like a lifetime since I was up there but in a way I feel like I am always there in spirit. Every time I think about Roy's Rock I feel honored and proud."

Come join us as a Vet, a volunteer or both and let us share some stories and good times with you.

TAVF is a veterans outreach mission of the First Congregational Church of Branford. It is self-funded by donor support and is staffed by volunteers from shoreline communities and around the state.

Company Overview

TAVF welcomes any disabled veteran regardless of the type of disability. New volunteers are welcome at most events, please email ahead (RSVP) for planning purposes.


Take-A-Vet-Fishing (TAVF) is the cornerstone program of the veterans outreach mission of the First Congregational Church of Branford, CT. Based on the shore of Long Island Sound in the New Haven area, about 10 miles from the VA Connecticut Healthcare System West Haven Campus. Serving the Eastern Blind Rehabilitation Center, the Next Step program, the Errera Community Care Center, the Brownell House, Veterans Support Foundation houses in Manchester, and West Haven, South Park Inn, and many others. e, the Harkness House, CT D.A.V., VA Newington, CT Veterans Home Rocky Hill, South Park Inn Homeless Shelter and others.

General Information

One of our long-term goals is to help other organizations around the country to implement a proven model for engaging disabled and recovering Veterans in a relaxed and personal setting which promotes friendship and healing.

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