About VSF

Who We Are

"Thank you, so much, from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for us. May God bless you and your family, and allow you to continue with what you do. Our lives have been blessed because of your devotion to this cause. Thank you, again, my friend."

Established in 1991, Veterans Support Foundation was founded by and for veterans. We are committed to serving the unaddressed needs of today’s veterans and their families.

Who We Serve

VSF serves veterans of all services, conflicts, and eras.


VSF’s Supportive Housing Program for Homeless Veterans provided shelter and support for 54 homeless veterans (47 transitional, 7 permanent).

In cooperation with Vietnam Veterans of America, VSF supports Service Officer Programs that help veterans with service-incurred disabilities obtain the health and financial compensation they’ve earned. Recently, Veterans Support Foundation provided nearly $184,000 in grants to Service Officer Programs in 15 states. Collectively, these programs secure many millions of dollars annually in compensation for veterans.

VSF provides discretionary grants for programs that improve the lives of veterans and their families. Recently, we provided over $70,000 to programs that offered transportation and health services to homeless veterans; brought WWII veterans to Washington, DC to view the military memorials; and helped wounded service members and their families and the children of deployed service members attend camp.