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To All Veterans Support Foundation Donors and Supporters—
In response to questions and possible concerns we would like to express our thanks to our donors and supporters, and to make all aware that the VSF Officers and Board of Directors receive no compensation from VSF as we are all volunteers. Further, it is noted, that the VSF President is also the Chief Executive Officer, but we do not use that term.

— VSF Officers and Board of Directors

Keith King


Keith’s 35 years of volunteer efforts on behalf of his fellow Veterans has been fueled by his belief that he was one of the lucky ones who survived his Vietnam tour and “made it home”.  Success in his personal and business life allowed him to exercise the passion he has to help those who were not as fortunate.  Through the years, Keith has taken on a variety of leadership roles on the National, State and Local levels with the same purpose of helping his Brother and Sister Veterans in whichever capacity he served or the tasks required.  He is committed to helping today’s veterans as they transition out of the military and back into American society. Read More

Ben Keen

Ben Keen

First Vice President

Ben’s personal mission is to be a voice for the thousands of new Veterans returning from the wars fought in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 13 years.  Within the Greater Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania areas, Ben uses his skills, leadership and personal drive to reach out to the more than 220,000 Veterans calling the area home, and strives to be a mentor to younger Veterans during their transition from military to civilian and beyond. Read Ben's Bio

Alan Cook

Alan Cook

Aleta Krauss

Dr. Aleta Krauss


Aleta’s personal mission is to be a positive influence in the lives of others. She works on fulfilling this goal through the building of relationships with family and friends and service to others. Living in Delaware, she has the opportunity to utilize her leadership, management, and accounting skills as a service resource. Read Aleta's Bio

Marseille L. Allen

Marseille L. Allen

Board Member