Frequently ASked Questions About VSF Grants

Who is Eligible for a VSF Grant?

VSF provides funding to non-profit organizations only. For assistance as an individual veteran, please click here to locate a service officer who can help you get assistance and support your needs.

What Types of Projects Does VSF Fund?

VSF provides funding in the form of grants supporting veteran related projects throughout the United States. VSF gives priority to matching fund projects. VSF provides funding solely for scientific, charitable, and educational purposes. VSF does not fund "bricks and mortar" projects.


How Do I Apply for a VSF Grant?

Grant applications are accepted online only and are open from October 1st through March 31st every year. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The link to the application form will be posted through this website on October 1st.

What is the deadline date for submitting a grant application?

The grant application process closes on midnight March 31st of each year.

When Are Grant Applications Reviewed?

Between April and June of each year, applications are reviewed, prioritized and voted on by the VSF Board of Directors. By late June, applicants will begin to be notified by e-mail whether or not they will be receiving funding for their project.


Is anything else required on my part?

YES!  Prior to receiving funding, you are required to sign a grant agreement letter agreeing to certain criteria.  Main among the criteria is the following:

Reporting: Grantee agrees to electronically (e-mail) submit a 250 - 500 word narrative, capable of being edited if necessary, explaining the use of the funds received; how did the grant impact on your operations.  This narrative should be suitable for publication in The VVA Veteran, on the VSF web site (, annual reports or similar publications.  This report should be accompanied with one to three photographs of the activities involved in the purpose of the grant.  Photos should show the group/person who benefits; action shots or photos showing interaction among people are best; digital photos should be at least 300 dpi, if possible; photos are best sent in stand-alone files; we can also scan snapshots if they are good and clear.  Please do not take pictures of buildings.  Photographs should be suitable for reproduction in publications referred to above.

NOTE:  Narrative and photographs are due no later than October 31, but may be submitted anytime during the fiscal year.  VSF will withhold the final twenty five percent (25%) of your approved grant until we have received your narrative and photos as requested in the above paragraph.

Due to the nature of some projects, if an organization is in need of the full amount of the grant monies to complete the project, they can submit in writing a request to substantiate the need. The board will consider the request and any grant history, if applicable.

When Are funds disbursed?

Upon receipt of your signed grant agreement, funds will begin to be disbursed in October of each year, so applicants should plan accordingly if their projects are of a time-sensitive nature.

where should I send my narrative report and photos?

Please submit materials via e-mail to