Supportive Housing For Homeless Veterans

Transitional Housing

Veterans Support Foundation offers a transitional living program for formerly homeless veterans who are enrolled in the Connecticut Veterans Administration Healthcare System. These veterans reside in one of three transitional homes—two in West Haven and one in Manchester, Connecticut—while they undergo treatment and work on putting their lives back in order. VSF provides them with shelter, transportation and—most important—support in achieving their health, educational, vocational and independent living goals.

VSF serves its four homes in Connecticut through a staff of five: two case managers, one employment specialist, one part-time facilities manager, and a house manager.

Recently, VSF served 47 veterans through its transitional facilities. Of those, 15 continued with the program into the following fiscal year; 20 graduated to their own homes and apartments; and 12 were discharged, either because they relapsed into substance abuse or failed to abide by house rules. Seven veterans found employment. The average length of stay in the housing program was eight months.

Because of health or other disabilities, some veterans are unable to work. In those cases, VSF helps connect them with VA, Social Security, and state benefits. In addition, we helped 13 formerly homeless veterans gain service-connected and non-service-connected benefits.

Permanent Housing

VSF also operates a six-bedroom permanent home in West Haven for veterans whose disabilities keep them from living fully independent lives. This year we served seven veterans in our permanent residence. Our newest resident arrived in October, and our longest resident has been with us for nearly 16 years. The average stay of current residents in our permanent living facility is slightly over eight years.